I'm quite new to the world of Racket, and this made for some nice reading! 
If I understand it correctly, this will be quite a massive change. I'm sure 
a lot of folks, including myself will be happy to pitch in whichever way we 
can (documentation, testing, coding, etc.) in this process!

On Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 8:37:19 PM UTC+5:30, mflatt wrote:
> TL;DR: I expect the main Racket distribution to run on Chez Scheme 
> instead of the current Racket VM sometime in the next couple of years. 
> Background 
> ---------- 
> The core Racket implementation relies on a lot of C code, and that's 
> a problem for maintenance, for porting it to new platforms (say, 
> JavaScript), and for improving performance. 
> My long-term plan has been to rewrite it all in Racket (except for 
> things like GC). Last summer, I started by rewriting Racket's macro 
> and module system from scratch. Although I was able to get a fresh 
> implementation working, the new implementation's performance was not 
> good enough to drop in as a replacement for our current 
> implementation. 
> After making sure that the new expander is really working with data 
> structures and algorithms that are at least as good as the old ones, 
> the new implementation is still off by up to a factor of two in time 
> and 25% or so in space. I'm convinced that Racket's compiler and 
> runtime system will have to be better to support a reimplementation of 
> the core in Racket. 
> Although I have specific ideas on how the current Racket VM could be 
> improved, there are already other compilers and runtime systems that 
> perform better. Notably, Chez Scheme has recently become available 
> under an open-source license (Apache). 
> As a first experiment, I have been able to use the new Racket expander 
> to compile a new Racket regexp implementation to run on Chez. As 
> expected, Chez runs the matcher about 2 times as fast as Racket, 
> putting it generally on par with the C implementation that's currently 
> built into Racket. 
> So far, so good. After more experiments along these lines, I see no 
> scenario where it's easier or more effective to improve Racket than to 
> build on Chez. Although there are some mismatches between the primitive 
> features that Chez and Racket provide, it will mostly work; in rare 
> cases where there's no other solution, we can contribute pull requests 
> to Chez. 
> A Racket on Chez won't be compatible with the current Racket VM at the 
> level of the C API. For that reason and others, I expect the current 
> Racket VM to stick around for projects that use the C API, that need 
> to embed Racket, or so on. The goal of rewriting Racket in Racket has 
> always been to support multiple VMs, so there's no conflict with 
> keeping the current Racket VM, too. Other VM efforts, like Pycket and 
> RacketScript, should also benefit. Still, I expect mainline Racket 
> development to move to Chez as the primary backend. 
> This shift in direction will affect many projects planned to use or 
> improve Racket. Although I expect to implement most of the conversion 
> myself, I've talked with others who are invested in the current Racket 
> direction. So far, everyone seems to be on board. 
> Rewriting the Racket core has always seemed prohibitively difficult 
> and time-consuming, but I think now's the time, especially with the 
> expander and module system out of the way. The other subsystems look 
> easy compared to the part that is done, but there's plenty of room for 
> surprises. 
> Status 
> ------ 
> I've reimplemented the Racket expander, reader, and regexp matcher in 
> Racket, and I've started on the port and filesystem path subsystems. 
> The new subsystem implementations have been developed in the "linklet" 
> branch here: 
>   https://github.com/mflatt/racket/tree/linklet 
> See "expander" and "regexp" in the "pkgs" directory, for example. I 
> expect this branch to eventually move to a branch or repo in the 
> "racket" account on GitHub. 
> Here's my work-in-progress toward making Racket reimplementations run 
> on Chez: 
>   https://github.com/mflatt/not-a-box/ 
> For example, you can run the regexp implementation in Chez and compare 
> to Racket's using its built-in regexp implemenation in C or to Racket 
> running the new regexp implementation. 
> Plan 
> ---- 
> My immediate plan is to make Racket's reader + expander + module 
> system run on Chez. It could be two weeks or two months. From there, 
> I'll continue rewriting all of the Racket subsystems in Racket, 
> compiling them down to layers of Chez. See "README.txt" in the 
> "not-a-box" repo for a status report and thoughts on various Racket 
> subsystems. 
> When the current Racket VM becomes the legacy Racket VM, I expect that 
> it will retain most of its C implementation, which means that it will 
> keep its performance for backward compatibility. Even this legacy VM, 
> however, will use the new reader, expander, and module system --- 
> essentially as the linklet branch is now. The expander performs well 
> enough to be practical without affecting the runtime performance of 
> the programs that it expands. 
> Currently, I see no obstacle to getting everything running on Chez by 
> the end of the year, but we'll see how it goes. 

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