I have found some dead links in the documentation I wanted to raise as an issue 
or if I wouldn't find right repository post it to this mail group when I 
realised how many times in the past I didn't do anything about the noticed 

On the other hand I already shared my suggestion with Matthew Butterick twice 
on his http://beautifulracket.com/ which made me realise how superior the kind 
of direct interface as in the attached image is. You simply click on the 
paragraph add suggestion/question/correction and click send.

This made me question if something similar couldn't be adapted to the 
documentation of Racket - with maybe small change - you would have to click on 
the flag next to the paragraph as opposed to the paragraph directly in order to 
open the correction box.

I'm curious as to what is the experience of Matthew with this kind of 
interaction with users, how often he received meaningful messages through this 

As to the dead links - they are both Jay's articles on:
dead links:
correct links:



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