The '...' that is causing the error is a '...' at the level of the 
_initial/outer_ macro (define-primitive-application-syntax), and so your final 
use of '...' is trying to splice a parameter of the _initial macro_ 
(define-primitive-application-syntax), but you are actually trying to output a 
_literal_ '...' in the syntax you are generating because you want it to be a 
part of the macro you are generating/defining via 
define-primitive-application-syntax (i.e. primitive-name).

TL;DR you want this instead I believe:

(define-simple-macro (define-primitive-application-syntax (primitive-name:id 
arg:id ...))
  (define-simple-macro (primitive-name arg-expr:expr (... ...))
    (list 'primitive-name arg-expr (... ...))))

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