At Wed, 12 Oct 2016 11:34:06 -0400, Ben Greenman wrote:
> I've installed Racket 6.6 from and I'd like to
> submit a change to the HTDP repo.
> (This question is not really specific to HTDP, anyway)
> Before I submit the edit, I want to test the change on my machine, so I
> figure I'll make a clone of the htdp package:
> $ raco pkg update --clone htdp
> But this gives me an error:
> Inferred package name from given `--clone' path
>   package: htdp
>   given path: htdp
> Inferred package scope: installation
> raco pkg update: package is not currently installed from a repository
>   package: htdp
>   current installation: (catalog htdp)
> Is it possible for my install of Racket 6.6 to use a cloned version of htdp?

Yes, but since "htdp" starts out installed from a catalog that provides
a built "htdp" package instead of the Git package source, you have to
also specify the Git source.

Although you can do that with

 $ raco pkg update --clone htdp "";

I bet you actually want to modify "htdp-lib" or "htdp-doc"... and then
I see that you're going to get to a dependency mismatch with

In this case, things will work better if you use

 $ bin/raco pkg update --catalog htdp

to switch to the development version of the package, so you get needed
updates for other packages (also from the catalog). The catalog
provides a Git path, so then

 $ raco pkg update --clone htdp

will do what you expected.

Really, I guess you want to use a catalog that has Git paths but also
checksums at the time of the v6.6 release, as opposed to using the
post-6.6 development branch. I don't think we currently have catalogs
like that, though.

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