On Oct 12, 2016, at 4:19 PM, CJ Gaconnet <gacon...@gmail.com> wrote:
> To recap, I'm looking to treat my written output as structured datums/syntax 
> objects/structs foremost, which I can traverse/combine/transform into 
> documents as needed; I want to extend my ontology of datums easily whenever 
> needed; I want to define translations of new datums into various 
> content-types whenever relevant.

Scribble is two separate components: the @-expression syntax, and the document 
model / rendering system.

If you want to use both, try the full `scribble` dialects, like `scribble/doc`.

If you only want @-expressions, try the `at-exp` metalanguage, which you can 
mix in to any Racket language.

> Finally, something like `(math-term "finite list")`, when embedded into a 
> document, should be able to render to html as '<span class="math-term">finite 
> list</span>' and to TeX as "\textbf{finite list}", and I should be able to 
> define new entity types & their content-type translations easily whenever 
> needed.

You can do that with Pollen, which I derived from Scribble. 


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