I'm very new to Racket and the lisp family generally, and very slowly starting 
to get an idea how everything works together.

Now my very first question ;)

If I have a list of string's, how can i recursivly iterate over that list and 
compose a single string out of the elements of that list?

I prepared a simple example, so hopefully you can understand what I'm talking 

(define mylist '("hello" "darkness" "my" "old" "fiend"))

(for-each (lambda (elem)
       (displayln elem)

It prints out every element of mylist as I expect in a new line.
But what if I want to collect all strings into one single string, so that I can 
 get "hellodarknessmyoldfriend"?

I think I can use string-append, right?
But how could I do that? Is there a idiomatic way to do that in Racket?

Thank you very much for every input.


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