Am Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016 17:19:51 UTC+2 schrieb David K. Storrs:
> David Christiansen's answer was very detailed and thorough, but I wanted to 
> add one more.  If I understand it, your goal is to take an arbitrary 
> (possibly nested) list of strings and concatenate all the strings.  This will 
> do that: ...

Hi David!

Thank you too for your helping!
I like the idea of having a helper to convert to strings, thats great! Also, I 
didn't know about flatten, thats really interesting!

Basically my problem description was only the endpoint of what I wanted to 
I'm using Racket right now happily to search through a sqlite database for 
personal learning.
For this I'm using query-rows from db. This returns a list of vectors.
At first I printed the results with a function that takes the vectors and 
transformed them into a human readable information, because I knowed how to 
iterate over a list, transform vectors and how to use the repl.

With your, and the other David's (sorry, could not resist!) help I'm able to 
put that onto a webapp what I will try next - after I managed to memorize und 
truly understanding that concepts. With those naive approach (playing with 
data) I'm learning quite good how all fits together.

You two really helped me to understand how it's meant to be used!

Thank you!

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