On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 6:18:56 PM UTC-4, Ian Thomas wrote:
> I installed "gregor" using the following raco command.
>   raco pkg install gregor
> My Racket installation looks in the following directories for Collections:
> racket@setup/dirs> (get-collects-search-dirs)
> '(#<path:/Users/ian/Library/Racket/6.6/collects>
>   #<path:/Applications/Racket v6.6/collects>
>   #<path:/Users/ian/.emacs.d/geiser/scheme/racket/>)
> Contents of "Users/ian/Library/Racket/6.6/collects", which includes tzinfo 
> and the rest of Gregor's dependencies.
> $ ls ~/Library/Racket/6.6/pkgs/
> cldr-bcp47            cldr-dates-modern       cldr-numbers-modern     
> gregor-doc              memoize                 tzinfo
> cldr-core             cldr-localenames-modern gregor                  
> gregor-lib              pkgs.rktd
> I built my executable using the following raco command. 
>   raco exe -o date_analyzer driver.rkt
> The executable works without issue if I don't require 
> "../lib/date_analysis.rkt", which requires "gregor", but then, of course, I'm 
> not able to do any date analysis.
> This one's a real mystery. Any further suggestions welcome.

The issues appears to be with the tzinfo package itself that attempts to 
require submodule zoneinfo-data, but there is no zoneinfo-data submodule in 
tzinfo, nor is there currently a tzinfo/zoneinfo-data package period.

$ grep zoneinfo-data -r *
Binary file tzinfo/tzinfo/compiled/main_rkt.zo matches
tzinfo/tzinfo/main.rkt:;; Load the zoneinfo-data package, if it's installed
tzinfo/tzinfo/main.rkt:  (and (file-exists? (resolve-module-path 
'tzinfo/zoneinfo-data #f))
tzinfo/tzinfo/main.rkt:       (dynamic-require 'tzinfo/zoneinfo-data 

$ find tzinfo/ -iname 'zoneinfo-data*'

Maybe tzinfo worked with a previous version of OS X: I'm running Sierra.

$ uname -rsv
Darwin 16.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 16.0.0: Mon Aug 29 17:56:20 PDT 2016; 

I resolved the issue by commenting out the following lines in 

;;  (and (file-exists? (resolve-module-path 'tzinfo/zoneinfo-data #f))
;;       (dynamic-require 'tzinfo/zoneinfo-data 'ZONEINFO-DATA)))

re-running raco setup, and finally recompiled my executable.

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