With a helpful pointer from Dupéron Georges I found the
protocol-buffer compiler and managed to create the messages I needed.
I have things working now, but one (hopefully final) issue:  I can
serialize any message I want, send it through a port, and deserialize
it on the other end, but so far I have not been able to send multiple
messages through one port.

Code is below.  I'm running it like this:

$ racket serialize.rkt | racket deserialize.rkt

If I serialize two different types of messages then the error message I get is:
stdin::95: deserialize: wire type does not match declared type: 'int*

If I serialize two of the same message type then I get:
deserialize: missing required fields: (seteqv 1)

I think what's happening is that deserialize is reading the entire
input buffer and assuming that all of it fits into one message.  I'm
wondering if anyone knows a way around that?

;;    In 'serialize.rkt'
(define c1 (announce-file:announce-chunks* #:chunk-hash "c1 hash"
#:chunk-size-mb 2))
(define c2 (announce-file:announce-chunks* #:chunk-hash "c2 hash"
#:chunk-size-mb 2))
(define f (announce-file* #:chunk (list c1 c2)))

(serialize c1)
(serialize c2)
(serialize f) ;; comment this line out to make the eventual error message change

;; In 'deserialize.rkt'
(announce-file:announce-chunks-chunk-hash (deserialize
(announce-file:announce-chunks-chunk-hash (deserialize
(announce-file-chunk (deserialize (announce-file*))) ;; comment this
line out to make the eventual error message change

;; The message definitions:
 ((optional primitive:int32 version 1 1)
  (optional primitive:bool authenticated 3 #f)
  (optional primitive:string file-hash 4)
  (optional primitive:string file-path 5)
  (optional primitive:int64 file-modified 6 0)
  (optional primitive:int64 file-size-mb 7)
  (repeated struct:announce-file:announce-chunks chunk 8)))

 ((required primitive:string chunk-hash 1)
  (optional primitive:int64 chunk-size-mb 2)))

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