I use the following code to disable selection feature in list-box while keeping 
column-headers and scroll-bar active. It works only in Linux. In windows 7 
version 6.6, scroll bar is not working. How should I change this code to work 
in Windows?

#lang racket/gui

(define top-frame (new frame%
                       [label "Test"]
                       [width 500]
                       [height 50]))

(define unselectable-list-box%
  (class list-box%
    (define/override (on-subwindow-event window event) #t)))

(define list-box
  (new unselectable-list-box%
       [label #f]
       [parent top-frame]
       [choices '()]
       [style '(multiple column-headers)]
       [columns (list "No." "header-1" "header-2" )]

(send list-box set '("1" "2" "3") '("4" "5" "6") '("7" "8" "9"))

(send top-frame show #t)

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