Hi folks,

I'm having trouble understanding the docs on hash contracts (

What I'm trying to express is:

- This function returns #t because it is a simple test function intended to
get the hang of hash contracts...
- This function takes one argument...
- Which is a hash...
- Which has keys 'success, 'file-id, 'scratchdir-path, and 'chunk-hash...
- All of which are symbols...
- The values will be, respectively:
success boolean?
file-id (or/c #f exact-positive-integer?)
scratchdir-path path-string?
chunk-hash string?

My first attempt was:

(define/contract (x h)
  (-> (hash/dc [file-id symbol?]          [a (file-id) (or/c #f
               [scratchdir-path symbol?]  [b (scratchdir-path) path-string?]
               [chunk-hash symbol?]       [c (chunk-hash) string?]
               [success symbol?]          [d (success) boolean?])

My second attempt was:
(define/contract (x h)
  (-> (hash/dc [file-id symbol?
                        scratchdir-path symbol?
                        chunk-hash symbol?
                        success symbol?]
               [a (file-id) (or/c #f exact-positive-integer?)
                b (scratchdir-path) path-string?
                c (chunk-hash) string?
                d (success) boolean?])

Both of these have syntax issues and I can't make heads or tails of the
docs.  Help, please?

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