The documentation of impersonate-procedure states that if it is
invoked with wrapper-proc equals #f and that there are no props, then
the result is proc "unimpersonated".

However, neither the impersonator wrapper-function nor the
impersonator properties are removed in the following program, and the
resulting function is still an impersonator?. What does
"unimpersonated" mean then?

(define-values (imp-prop:a imp-prop:a? imp-prop:a-get)
  (make-impersonator-property 'a))

(define (add8 n) (+ n 8))

(define impersonated
  (impersonate-procedure add8 (lambda (x) (+ x 1)) imp-prop:a "a value"))

(define unimpersonated (impersonate-procedure impersonated #f))

(unimpersonated 10)
;=> 19

(impersonator? unimpersonated)
;=> #t

(imp-prop:a? unimpersonated)
;=> #t

(imp-prop:a-get unimpersonated)
;=> "a value"


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