On Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 11:52:49 AM UTC+8, Lehi Toskin wrote:
> In `get-file-list`  there is a filter argument that can be passed to the 
> function such that when going through a directory it'll only list directories 
> and those files in the filter (separated by a semicolon). This can get rather 
> unruly when the filter is rather large. At current count, I have a filter of 
> 14 different file extensions accounting for spelling or case (e.g. 
> "*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.JPG;*.JPEG"). Is there a way to do this more 
> programmatically? I don't mean using a procedure to create the string, but 
> that instead of a string it'd be, say, a predicate.
> In various GUI programs, the selection would be simply "All Images" or "Any" 
> without specifying exactly what list of file extensions it's filtering. I 
> suppose that behavior itself is fine, which would mean hiding the file 
> extensions from the filter choice and only showing the name of the filter.

The documentation for get-file-list (well, actually get-file) suggests that it 
uses a platform specific dialog box.  On windows platforms, I suspect  that 
would be GetOpenFileName which accepts filter string in the same format as 
required by get-file-list.  It is likely that the filter is passed directly to 
the windows function and as such, it has to be a string.

This was just a long way of saying that you cannot have a predicate for the 
filter, at least not while using the platform specific "File Open" dialog boxes.

However, the documentation does have an example for a shorted pattern for JPEG 
files: "*.jp*g"

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