I’m currently in a state where calling `make` in my top-level racket directory 
results in output ending thusly:

raco setup: 1 making: <pkgs>/cldr-bcp47/cldr/bcp47/data
Assertion failed: (!(used && (pre_body->count == 1) && 
pre_body->vars[0]->optimize.known_val && ((Scheme_Type)(scheme_once_used_type) 
== (Scheme_Type)(((((intptr_t)(pre_body->vars[0]->optimize.known_val)) & 
*)(pre_body->vars[0]->optimize.known_val))->type))) && ((Scheme_Once_Used 
*)pre_body->vars[0]->optimize.known_val)->moved)), function optimize_lets, file 
../../../racket/gc2/../src/optimize.c, line 7986.
make[1]: *** [plain-in-place] Abort trap: 6
make: *** [in-place] Error 2

My next step is to try a fresh checkout… any idea what’s going on here?

John Clements

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