I'm a bit confused about how raco test is reporting the number of tests run, if 
a test case is defined outside a test suite.  If I run the program below:

    #lang racket
    (require rackunit)
    (require rackunit/text-ui)

    (define my-test-case
           "My Test case"
         (check eq? 1 1)))

    (define my-test-suite
        "My test-suite"

    (module+ test
       (run-tests my-test-suite))

I get:

    $ raco test test/t.rkt
    raco test: (submod "test/t.rkt" test)
    0 success(es) 0 failure(s) 0 error(s) 0 test(s) run
    1 test passed

the test is clearly run (I even put a printf inside my-test-case to be 
convinced of that), yet the first output line indicates that there were 0 
successes and 0 tests run.  The last output line seems to be consistent with 
the number of tests (checks) run.

How do I structure my test programs, such that raco test displays the actual 
number of tests run?


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