Hi - 

I'd like to create a new provide syntax that essentially turns this:

  (provide (my-out name))

into this:

  (provide name make-name)

where 'name' and 'make-name' are defined in the surrounding context. It looks 
like define-provide-syntax isn't up to the task, so I used 
'make-provide-transformer' directly, like so:

(define-syntax my-out
   (lambda (stx modes)
     (syntax-parse stx
       ((_ name:id)
        (let ([nt #'name]
              [c (format-id #'name "make-~a" (syntax-e #'name))])
          (list (make-export nt (syntax-e nt) 0 #f nt)
                (make-export c (syntax-e c) 0 #f c)

Is there a more concise way of doing this?


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