I have created a formlet like so:

(define (matrix-formlet id)
        (#%# ,{input-string . => . ones}
             ,{(to-string (required (hidden id))) . => . user-id}
        (values ones user-id)))

I display this as follows:

  ((action "/the-matrix-submitted")
   (method "post"))
 ,@(formlet-display (matrix-formlet user-id))
 (input ([type "submit"]))))

and process it like this:

(define (matrix-submission req)
  (define-values (number-of-ones user-id)
                 (formlet-process (matrix-formlet "3") req))

While this works, the formlet I use to display and process are not really the 
same, since they are created on the spot, and created with different 
parameters. So far it seems to work, but I am worried that this will break 
down, and clearly this isn't the right way to go about creating parametrizable 

The questions are (i) is the above going to work despite being a hack, and (ii) 
is there a correct and easy way to do the same thing?


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