Hi -

(This is a continuation of some discussions I've had on the dev list a couple 
years ago.)

We continue to have performance issues stemming from Racket's runtime file 
system usage. Hopefully someone can shed some more light on the issues so we 
can adjust our usages...

We use a minimal install of Racket because we see a significant increase in 
performance over the full installation. It seems like the large source of 
performance issues is that Racket will routinely (perhaps during requires?) 
grovel over all the files in the pkgs directory -- maybe looking at all the 
info.rkt files?  This is very slow (compared to everything else we're doing), 
even on a local SSD.

First question: Is there a different way to do this? Perhaps freezing the 
package information in place so that file enumeration doesn't have to take 
place at runtime?

Also, the minimal install of Racket is missing some features we'd like, for 
example "rackunit". But when I install rackunit, my pkgs directory goes from 15 
or so packages up to about 120 packages!  So using rackunit at all requires us 
to sacrifice most of the performance gain we need...

Is there a way to do minimal installs of packages?  I imagine skipping any gui 
elements would cut down the dependencies quite a bit.

Thanks for any help,

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