Hi there,

I am writing a simple macro `if-let` that tried to bind the condition to a 

(define-simple-macro (if-let (~describe "binding pairs" [binding:expr 
                             (~describe "\"then\" clause" then:expr)
                             (~describe "\"else\" clause" else:expr))
  (let ([val value])
    (if val (match-let ([binding val]) then) else)))

I finished the macro and start to write unit tests for it. Then I realized that
the "binding" should not working in "else" statement. That means:

(if-let [it #f]
  it   ; <- should report "unbound identifier".

However when I tried the following code:

(check-exn exn:fail?
           (lambda ()
             (if-let [it #f]
                     (fail "if-let: wrong-branch")


It gives error:

 it: unbound identifier in module

So the question is how to catch the "unbound identifier" exception for unit 


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