Hi James,

On 4/28/17 1:13 PM, James wrote:
> https://github.com/mgorlick/CRESTaceans/tree/master/bindings/libsodium
> https://github.com/tonyg/racl/tree/master

I'm the author of racl. I've not used mgorlick's code, but one thing to
bear in mind is that it uses libsodium, where racl uses plain NaCl.
Libsodium is definitely the way to go - plain NaCl is largely vestigial
at this point.

If I were to use racl in production, I would change the implementation
of racl to use libsodium instead of NaCl.

Racl includes a few useful utilities (like SPKI SEXP I/O and some hacky
sketches of encrypted TCP ports based on NaCl primitives), where
mgorlick's code looks to be just the NaCl primitives.

mgorlick's code has contracts; mine does not, which is a shame. I should
add some.

Finally, neither NaCl nor libsodium nor racl provides anything TLS-like.
If you wanted some kind of streaming network code on top of NaCl, you're
firmly in "roll-your-own crypto" territory.


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