At Sat, 29 Apr 2017 09:39:34 -0300, Cleverson Casarin Uliana wrote:
> I am blind and can confirm that unfortunately DRRacket isn't accessible 
> on Windows. This is due to its interface being written in GTK. I haven't 
> yet tried it on Linux, but it should be accessible on that platform, 
> because GTK is accessible on Linux but not on Windows.
> Speaking of it, I wonder why DRRacket's interface isn't written using 
> #lang racket/gui itself on all platforms instead of using for example 
> GTK on Windows where it isn't native. From my experiences testing code 
> snippets from Rosetta Code, all of apps written in #lang racket/gui are 
> perfectly accessible to screen readers.

DrRacket does use `racket/gui`, which (as you say) is not Gtk on

We had a user of DrRacket + Jaws many years ago. Unless I misremember,
DrRacket worked ok with Jaws at that time, despite doing no particular
effort on our part to cooperate with Jaws. We've reimplemented
`racket/gui` since then, so maybe something relevant was lost in the
rewrite (or maybe I misremember in the first place).

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