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>Stephen De Gabrielle wrote on 04/29/2017 03:18 PM:
>> Ubuntu Linux is cheap, includes an alternative to ms word, gets 
>> regular updates and (most importantly) runs racket fine.
>Debian, RHEL/CentOS, Fedora, ArchLinux, and (maybe) Ubuntu are all good 
>choices for people who don't *have* to run Windows stuff.

Quite a few Windows programs can be run on Linux under WINE.

Actually a lot of programs that aren't listed in the compatibility
database run fine also.  If the program depends only on documented
behavior of Windows, it probably will run on WINE [modulo version
support for the feature].

Unfortunately, there are a lot questionable tactics and version
dependent behaviors that happen to work on Windows but will not work
in the emulation.

It's a case of "try it and see".

>These are more secure, 

To a point.  Linux isn't [anywhere near] as widely used as Windows, so
it is less of a target ... but there *ARE* security holes and there
have been Linux trojans and virii around almost since the beginning.

>LibreOffice/OpenOffice is there on GNU/Linux for those users who really 
>must have something MS Office-like, but it has many of the same security 
>problems (design-fundamental, as well as code quality), and also doesn't 
>work as well as MS Office under normal conditions, ...

This seems to depend on the environment.  LibreOffice has had a number
of difficulties with OpenGL [but each version improves].  IME it has
worked very well running under GTK.  

I use it both on Windows [gave up MSOffice long ago] and on Linux.

>... and MS doesn't want it to interoperate too well.

Prior to OpenDocument support in Office 2013, all of Office's file
formats were proprietary.  

LibreOffice has excellent compatibility with the old DOC formats
(Office 97..2003) and the new OpenDocument formats (Office 2013 ..).
The main compatibility problems are with the DOCX formats used
optionally by Office 2003, and natively by 2007 and 2010 ... but even
actual Office users have trouble with DOCX formats.


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