I am working on an ant colony simulation/game/thing.  Right now I'm using 
2htdp/universe and 2htdp/image and the racket language.  To represent an ant, I 
made a struct with a position, angle, and carrying-food?.  To test the speed of 
the simulation I made a new ant with a random angle on every clock tick of big 
bang (my world state is a structure that holds a list of ants and various other 
things like pheromones, food, etc.).  However, when there were about 250 ants 
on the screen, it started to slow down a lot.  Not rendering sped it up 
somewhat but not by much.  I was confused by this because in python I had made 
a similar simulation with 5000 objects and it didn't seem so slow down very 
much.  Is there anyway to make it faster?  Thanks for any help.

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