I am somewhat reluctant to use structures as I want to keep the interpreter as 
minimal as possible. Also, I'm not familiar enough with the semantics of frames 
to implement it in interpreter.rkt.

With regards to mcons being different from cons, Oscar Lopez has suggested that 
in stackoverflow. So, I re-implemented the interpreter in r5rs so that set-car! 
and set-cdr! are available and I wouldn't need to use mcons. I've attached the 
files here.

I still got an error
    ; application: not a procedure;
    ;  expected a procedure that can be applied to arguments
    ;   given: (mcons 'expr (mcons 'env))
    ;   arguments...: [none]

It looks like it still has something to do with mcons. I suspect that this 
might have something to do with Racket's implementation of r5rs? Again, this 
might be completely wrong but I don't know how to determine the cause. 

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