I'm creating my own language axe: http://docs.racket-lang.org/axe/index.html
which aimed at providing a "good default" for myself.

Now I am trying to include Alexis's data/collection as defaults. Thus I need to:

(require racket)
(require data/collection)

(provide (all-from-out racket))
(provide (all-from-out data/collection))

However, `data/collection` overwrites several identifies from racket/list,
such as map, first, second, etc. That makes `(require data/collection)` fail.

I've tried the following:

(module for-export racket
  (require data/collection)
  (provide (all-defined-out)))

(provide (all-from-out 'for-export))

But it seems that `(all-defined-out)` will only export the manually defined
identifiers in module.

Thus my question is: is there any good way to shadow a required module?

I don't think it is good to exclude the identifiers manually. Because any later
change in data/collection (shadow another identifier) will break my package.

Best Regards,
Jinzhou Zhang

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