Le dimanche 7 mai 2017 00:27:36 UTC+2, Daniel Prager a écrit :
> Thanks Georges
> It looks suggestive, but I'm struggling to follow the details of 
> with-contract / blame-id. An example of use would be very helpful in the docs!

This gives "blaming: (region unsafe-factorial)" instead of "blaming: (function 
unsafe-factorial)". Aside from this slight leak, the messages are identical. 
Supposing this code is correct (I never used with-contract before), if you 
clean it up a bit and add an example to the docs, I'm sure a PR would be 
welcome :) .

#lang racket
(define-syntax-rule (define/tight (fn args ...)
                      body ...)
    (define (fn args ...) (fn/impl args ...))
    (with-contract fn
                   ([fn/impl ctc])
                   #:freevar fn ctc
                   (define (fn/impl args ...)
                     body ...))))

(define/tight [unsafe-factorial n]
  (-> (and/c integer? (>=/c 0)) (and/c integer? (>=/c 0)))
  (if (zero? n) 
      (* n (unsafe-factorial (- n 10)))))
(unsafe-factorial 5)

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