Hi I feel this might be a bug, can anyone confirm or suggest a fix?

Here's a minimal usage of `command-line` form:

#lang typed/racket

(define *message* : (Parameterof (Listof String)) (make-parameter '()))
(define *verbose* : (Parameterof Boolean) (make-parameter #f))

(define (parse-cmdline)
     #:program "q"
     [("-v" "--verbose") "verbose mode" (*verbose* #t)]
     #:ps "foo bar" ; <---- causing type error
     #:args #{msg : String} (*message* msg)))


Note that it gives the below type error[1]. However, if you comment out the 
line with #:ps, type check passes.

I noticed that from the error prompt, for argument 3, the expected Union type 
doesn't include 'ps. This leads me to think it might be a bug. Please tell me 
it's not and there's a fix:)

[1]: type error:

test.rkt:6:0: Type Checker: Polymorphic function `parse-command-line' could not 
be applied to arguments:
Argument 1:
  Expected: Path-String
  Given:    String
Argument 2:
  Expected: (U (Listof String) (Vectorof String))
  Given:    (Vectorof String)
Argument 3:
  Expected: (Listof (Pairof (U 'final 'help-labels 'multi 'once-any 'once-each) 
(Listof (Listof Any))))
  Given:    (List (List 'once-each (List (List String String) (-> Any Void) 
(Listof (List String)))) (List 'ps String))
Argument 4:
  Expected: (-> Any a ... a b)
  Given:    (-> Any String * Void)
Argument 5:
  Expected: (Listof String)
  Given:    (List String)

  in: (define (parse-cmdline) (command-line #:program "q" #:once-each (("-v" 
"--verbose") "verbose mode" (*verbose* #t)) #:ps "foo bar" #:args msg 
(*message* msg)))

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