On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 09:21:59AM -0700, Justin Pombrio wrote:
> I'm trying to define a language in Redex that includes a list of top-level 
> function definitions:
>   (p ::= ....
>     (prog (defun (x x) e) ... e))
> And all function names should be in scope in all function bodies (other 
> things should be in scope as well, but I'm ignoring them here for simplicity):
>   (prog (defun (x_fun x_param) e_body #:refers-to (shadow x_fun ...)) ...
>         e_main))
This looks ill-formed to me. Inside e_body, there is only one x_fun bound, so 
x_fun ... doesn't make
This would make sense if you had a multi-argument functions, e.g.,
   (prog (defun (x_fun x ...) e_body #:refers-to (shadow x ...)) ...

You're trying to express a more complicated binding pattern than merely a list 
of binders.
This is expressing that each definition d inside (prog d ...) exports a name 
that is bound for all other definitions.
You need #:exports.
Maybe something like
   (defun (x_fun x ...) e_body #:refers-to (shadow x ...)) #:exports x_fun
   (prog d #:...bind (defs d (shadows defs d))))

This may not be quite right yet.

(Unfortunately, there is a known bug in Redex that #...bind is undocumented, so 
you had no way to know about this)

William J. Bowman

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