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> (Unfortunately, there is a known bug in Redex that #...bind is undocumented, 
> so you had no way to know about this)

I agree that #:...bind is complex and the documentation is not ideal,
but I believe you helped me improve it, so I'm not that known bug is
really the most helpful reply here. Perhaps a pointer to the docs is
better. Here it is:


Meanwhile, Justin, I wasn't able to make your example work exactly the
way you had it, but with an extra pair of parens around the `d`s thing
seem fine.

#lang racket
(require redex/reduction-semantics)

(define-language L
  (p ::= (prog (d ...) e))
  (d ::= (defun (x x) e))
  (e ::= x (e e) (+ e e) natural)
  (x ::= variable-not-otherwise-mentioned)
  (defun (x_fun x_param) e #:refers-to x_param) #:exports x_fun
  (prog (d ...) #:refers-to (shadow d ...)
        e_main #:refers-to (shadow d ...)))

(term (substitute (prog ((defun (f x) (g x))
                         (defun (g x) (f (+ x y))))
                        (+ (f 1) (g 2)))
      #:lang L)


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