I hope this isn't painfully obvious to everyone but me, but I'd found it really 
frustrating until I found a solution. So, I thought I'd share. (If that's not 
appropriate traffic for the mailing list, I'd appreciate a more veteran hand 
letting me know. I'm still observing the norms.)

Issue: While using DrRacket, I often want to open (in the Finder) the folder in 
which the current file is located. Many Mac applications allow one to do this 
with command-clicking the icon atop a window, but DrRacket doesn't. So, I need 
an alternative.

Solution: Issue the command

      (system "open .")

from the Interaction window (one could do it from the Definition window, 
although I'm not sure why one would).

Why it works (I think...): The documentation for "system" indicates that it 
operates in the current working directory unless otherwise directed. DrRacket 
sets, unless otherwise directed, the current working directory to the directory 
of the most recently run file. Since "." indicates the current directory, the 
command opens that directory.

Caveats: 1. Since CWD is set to the most recently run file, you have to have 
run the file whose enclosing directory you wish to open. The default appears to 
the home directory. 2. I know this works on MacOS. I can't see why it wouldn't 
work on Unix systems. Windows scares me, so I have idea if it would work there.

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