In the regular #racket, the following program

(define a 1)
(define a 2)

will result in a syntax error letting you know that you have a duplicate 
identifier. I would like to make my own define that throws a custom error 
message in this case. I.e.

(define-syntax (my-define stx)
  (syntax-parse stx
    [(_ id:id expr) (begin
                    (if (duplicate-exists? id) 
                        (syntax-error "Oh no!") 
                   #'(define id expr)]))

I know there's a lot of functions like bound-identifier=? and 
check-duplicate-identifier, but they seem to all be geared towards the user 
putting in all the identifiers in question as function arguments. In this case, 
I need a function like

(duplicate-exists? id)

that just takes in the single identifier, and checks to see if, in the scope 
the function is invoked, there's a duplicate identifier already there. I just 
can't seem to figure out how to write that function.

Thanks in advance!

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