I've made a language that exposes drracket:rep:current-rep. Code written in the 
language can use it to display text and images, and add regions to be colored. 
But there are occasional errors. Instead of posting the errors, which vary, and 
are difficult to reliably reproduce, I'm wondering what is the safest way to 
attempt this, before testing and debugging it.

Currently, when there will be “code” to print, the sequence I use is: begin an 
edit sequence, print the code by printing formatted strings and images using 
`display`, flush the output before getting any position information, end the 
edit sequence, then add the printed region to the end of the colorer's regions.

The reason for printing strings and images is to print some parentheses as 
brackets, do custom line-breaking and indentation, and include image literals. 
What can be done to make that safe(r)? Presumably it's possible, since the 
user's REPL input is colored and remains colored, and navigable as an 

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