Thank you all for your help. I have moved to project to a flat file structure
now and reorganised everything hopefully to Racket standards (thank you,
Philip), and I have changed the complicated contracts to use 'integer-in'. I
think the API can stay as it is now, there is one struct and two functions, I
don't know anything that could be done that breaks backwards compatibility for
that. The package is up on the Racket package catalog:

Do you guys think it is better to have a mandatory in/out port argument, or
should the port default to the current input/output port? I think the latter
makes it too easy to forget the port and I don't think users would want to use
stdin/stdout for this very often.

Another question: what about the name of the repository? Should it be renamed
to "msgpack" to match the name of the library or does the name not matter? I
can change the URL of the repository on GitLab, that would break all current
links, but at the moment that's not a big deal.

I'll clean the interior parts a bit more later (the 'unpack' dispatch and
cleaning the style), but that's not a priority as long as the external parts
are all set in place and working.

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