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>Probably due to all operations not being in-place, chaining operations on 
>bignums is very costful. 
>for example, using bitwise-bit-field[1] on bignums is atrocious.
>I also tried
>  (define (reverse-bits n)
>    (for/fold ([reversed 0])
>              ([i (in-range (integer-length n))])
>      (bitwise-ior (bitwise-arithmetic-shift-left reversed 1)
>                   (or (and (bitwise-bit-set? n i) 1) 0))))
>but it's not much better. Having in-place operations would help
>  (define (reverse-bits n)
>    (for/fold ([reversed 0])
>              ([i (in-range (integer-length n))])
>      (bitwise-arithmetic-shift-left! reversed 1)
>      (bitwise-ior! reversed (or (and (bitwise-bit-set? n i) 1) 0))))
>What do you think?

Personally, I think that mutable integers is a feature we are better doing 

If you need a mutable vector, they are already in the language.

If you want 1-bit per element mutable vectors, then there are packages 
available implementing this data structure.


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