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> Those of you working on the web know that Javascript went everywhere.

Like a puppy never housebroken.

> I see Racket can be used for web development, but is Racket really what I 
> need to meet the demands of multi-platform development while competing in the 
> market? Does Racket (or similar) sit at the next stage of evolution for the 
> multi-domain developer stuck in Javascript? If so, why?

Sure — just don't tell your boss you're using it. [0]

The life of JS has continually recapitulated the circumstances of its birth. As 
its creator concedes, "I had to be done in ten days or something worse ... 
would have happened". [1] 

But the cost of this speed was that "JS has a lot of stupid in it". [2] And 
living with "a lot of stupid", for decades, has been expensive.

In that sense, JS was more than a language. It introduced the foundational 
axiom of web engineering: that fast & stupid beats slow & considered.

Personally, I loathe JS. But I accept that the fast-and-stupid principle is 
legitimate. Moreover, it's probably been a more appropriate principle for the 
web than slow-and-considered, despite the costs (e.g., a culture of disposable 
code and near-continuous upheaval). 

Nevertheless, it is IMHO the opposite of what Lisps/Schemes generally & Racket 
in particular are about. Though I've mused about why these languages haven't 
been more popular in web engineering [3], it's not really mysterious: Racket 
encourages you to program in a slow and considered way. This is not what the 
web wants. (Though the creator of JS does credit Scheme as a positive 
influence. [4])

Still, the grave irony of the JS ecosystem is that even though firms have 
"normalized" on JS, it's such an unruly environment that it's like normalizing 
on Brownian motion. 

[0] http://beautifulracket.com/jsonic-2/intro.html 



[3] http://beautifulracket.com/appendix/why-racket-why-lisp.html#a_OyaFm 


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