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new to racket‎.

> (foldr + 0 '(1 2 3)) 6


> (foldr and #t '(#t #f)) and: bad syntax and

The list iteration functions such as */foldr /*require a mapping/combining function. /*and*/ is not a function, but rather a special form known as a macro.

In this case you can make it work by wrapping the /*and */in a function of 2 arguments: e.g., (lambda (a b) (and a b)). More generally, because a fold can be passed any number of lists as arguments, the fold combining function requires N+1 arguments where N is the number of lists.

/*or*/ also is a macro, and must be treated the same way. Both /*and */and /*or */can take any number of arguments.

As Deren mentioned, there are /*andmap */and /*ormap */functions which you can use instead of a fold.

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