Thanks for the example code, I'll try it soon!

The whole code is on my repository at:

I tried with feature-visualizer, but did not save screenshots of the result. 
Would it help showing them? I was not able to figure out the problem, even when 
clicking the red dots to see what is blocking. It made no sense to me, that 
those operations were blocking. However, I tried a lot of things and don't 
remember what procedures were blocking in which case. I remember, that I once 
tried to use flonum operations and that even they were shown to be blocking, 
while they solved the problem in the guide for parallelization in Racket.

When I ran my whole decision tree program with some example data and the 
statistical profiler package, I found that the algorithm spent most time as 
follows (for the code in the repository, possibly dev branch):

    - data-majority-prediction = 15084(32.4%)
    - calc-proportion          = 15656(33.6%)
    - get-best-split           = 4304(9.2%)
    - gini-index               = ??? (but is part of get-best-split)

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