At Tue, 15 Aug 2017 18:12:07 -0700 (PDT), Alex Harsanyi wrote:
> On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 4:59:14 AM UTC+8, Vincent St-Amour wrote:
> > Racket version 6.10 is now available from
> > 
> I just updated to Racket 6.10 on Windows 10 and noticed a bug that causes a 
> crash (access violation).  This happens when there is a symbolic link in a 
> `make-directory*` call.  To reproduce it:
> * OS is Windows 10 64 bit, Racket version is 6.10, 64 bit
> * open a command window and 
>     * create a directory "mkdir c:/some_dir"
>     * create a link to that directory "mklink /d c:/some_dir_link c:/some_dir"
> * In DrRacket, run the following:
>     (make-directory* "c:/some_dir_link/subdir")
> The result is that DrRacket will crash.  Same happens with racket.exe and any 
> application built with racket that uses `make-directory*` with a path that 
> contains a link.
> The make-directory* call works fine in Racket 6.9 on the same platform.

Thanks for the report! I've pushed a repair for the next version.

The problem was related to initializing function pointers. It wasn't
exposed during testing, because the bug depends on the order in which
filesystem primitives are used.

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