I recently updated to Racket 6.10 and I cannot seem to find the blue boxes in 
the top right of the definitions and interactions windows anymore. They don't 
show up by pressing the hotkey (f2) either. There's no error or anything, just 
nothing happens. External help works, i.e. pressing f1 opens up the docs search 
in my browser.

Other things I did around the same time the blue boxes disappeared were 
tinkering with the preferences a bit and 'raco pkg migrate 6.9'. But I didn't 
find any relevant preference that turns them off (there was something about 
blue boxes and background expansion but turning that on/off doesn't help) and 
it did not seem to me that the migrate command would have messed anything up.

Anyone has any idea what might have happened? I'd like those back. Maybe I'm 
just missing some preference or something. I'm using a 64-bit Windows 10, in 
case that is relevant.


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