On Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 7:57:52 PM UTC-7, Royall Spence wrote:
> And it's ready to consume:
> https://pkgd.racket-lang.org/pkgn/package/dotenv
> This is the first Lisp-family code I've published, so that's exciting.
> Any feedback the list has to offer regarding style, approach, or
> packaging would be welcome.

Looks great! I'll keep this in mind next time I'm working with env configs. 
Here are
some comments:

- Using `for` expressions would make recursion unnecessary, and it cooperates 
well with in-lines.
- Racket style generally prefers lists, first, and rest to raw pairs and the 
c*r functions.
- You can put your test submodules anywhere, they don't have to be in main.rkt. 
So in dotenv/private/tests.rkt you don't need to define and export a suite, you 
can just use (module+ test ...). Running raco test -p <your package name> will 
run all test submodules found anywhere in the package.
- It looks like the generated scribble files got included in your repo. I 
typically add html, js, and css files to my .gitignore to avoid that.
- If you move your (require rackunit) expressions into your test submodules, 
rackunit will be a build dependency instead of a runtime dependency.
- Using @defproc[] in your scribble docs will make the exports of dotenv 
- Contracts and contract-out make it easy to add argument checking to 
functions, I recommend using them.

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