The Racket Style Guide[1] has some notes about this in the Textual Matters: 
Names[2] section:

> Use meaningful names. The Lisp convention is to use full English words 
> separated by dashes. Racket code benefits from the same convention.
> Note that _ (the underline character) is also classified as bad Racketeering 
> within names. It is an acceptable placeholder in syntax patterns, match 
> patterns, and parameters that don’t matter.
> Another widely used convention is to prefix a function name with the data 
> type of the main argument. This convention generalizes the selector-style 
> naming scheme of struct.

So yes, if you were to write a `money` library many Racketeers would expect it 
to export functions like `money-deposit` and `money-convert`. This has the 
advantage that searching "money" in Scribble will give a quick list of the 
exports of "money", since they'll all have the prefix. This isn't a hard and 
fast rule, merely a guideline.


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