It's also worth considering that you can munge the names when you
provide -- and your users can munge them on require.

See filtered-out and filtered-in -- as well as the more commonly used
conveniences built on them, like prefix-{in out}, rename-{in out}, and
so on.

I think sometimes the goodness of a name can depend on the context
where it's being used.

If I'm implementing functions in money.rkt, it might be tedious to
have "money- money- money- money-" everywhere. The low signal:noise
ratio might detract from readability. Might cause expressions not to
fit on one line. And so on. If that bothers me, I can name functions
deposit and convert, and (provide (prefix-out money- deposit convert)
so users see money-deposit, money-convert.

It's also an interesting option to provide just the short names
deposit and convert, and assume that users will (require (prefix-in
money- "money.rkt")) -- or whatever prefix they want. Although this is
idiomatic in some langs/communities, it's not AFAICT in Racket.

Fortunately Racket makes it easy to adapt provided and required names.

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