James wrote on 08/29/2017 03:57 PM:
I have been working through The Racket Graphical Interface Toolkit 
documentation to learn GUI programming and I thought I would do a small but 
useful project.  The idea is to make a simple GUI front end which will 
formulate commands for ffmpeg to do various video and audio conversions on 
selected files and then run those commands.

James, this is a great idea GUI learning exercise (and coincidentally I did a very similar thing for one of my first GUI programs, for a different technical command line program with lots of complicated options). I think you should do this.

Considering that "ffmpeg" is normally non-interactive, you don't necessarily need full terminal functionality. You just need something like Racket `subprocess` or `process*/ports`, and to write I/O-ish code to monitor the stdout and stderr output, and do appropriate GUI things.

Specifically, you might want to do a few things with the stdout/stderr output: * Store some raw form of it (space-limited, like ring buffer), in case user selects to show this in a GUI text viewer, or display it as ffmpeg runs. * Monitor it for error messages (you can use regexps), and present them in a GUI-friendly way. * Monitor it for progress information, and turn that into a GUI progress bar or similar, since ffmpeg can take minutes or hours to run.

There's also some UI design challenges here. At first, you might want to translate a bunch of command line arguments into GUI elements. After doing some of it manually, you might also look at making it data-driven (e.g., you come up with a minilanguage representing pertinent semantics of the ffmpeg command line options, and then write code that translates that to appropriate GUI elements. Before/after that you might want to look at things like saving configurations (minilanguage helps here), and providing higher-level "task" interfaces. (Say, a task is to convert various video file formats to 1080/60p in a particular container and codec profile, preserving aspect ratio. And maybe you can figure out how to remove letterboxing black bars automatically from the original videos.)

I threw out a few ideas for where you might take this, for later reference, but the thing to do is to just sit down in front of a DrRacket, and start building up code to handle the process and/or create the GUI elements. At some point, you can come back to people's comments and decide where you want to go next.

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