On Aug 30, 2017, at 10:23 AM, Neil Van Dyke wrote:

> Considering that "ffmpeg" is normally non-interactive, you don't necessarily 
> need full terminal functionality.  You just need something like Racket 
> `subprocess` or `process*/ports`, and to write I/O-ish code to monitor the 
> stdout and stderr output, and do appropriate GUI things.
> Specifically, you might want to do a few things with the stdout/stderr output:
> * Store some raw form of it (space-limited, like ring buffer), in case user 
> selects to show this in a GUI text viewer, or display it as ffmpeg runs.
> * Monitor it for error messages (you can use regexps), and present them in a 
> GUI-friendly way.
> * Monitor it for progress information, and turn that into a GUI progress bar 
> or similar, since ffmpeg can take minutes or hours to run.

Right.  It would be good to handle error messages but there are also warnings 
and prompts.  For example, if the output file already exists, it asks whether 
you want to overwrite.  Warnings should be shown prominently but not reacted 

Currently, I am using the cleanup-thunk from MrLib Terminal to notify the user 
when the process is done but a progress bar would be much nicer.  Ffmpeg has a 
--progress parameter which sends progress information to a url. That may be 


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