> If you'd like the test namespace and the test-driving module to share
> the instance of the module that defines `document` (so that they'll
> agree on the data structure), you can use `namespace-attach-module` to
> attach the test-driving module's instance to a newly created namespace.

Thanks again for a valuable pointer to the Racket documentation!

This works well for modules that my test module requires directly,
as in your example. I haven't been able to get any useful results
for modules that are required indirectly (i.e. your module "a.rkt"
requiring "c.rkt" and re-providing a struct from there). Depending
on which combination of modules I run namespace-attach-module on,
I either get my initial error or another one:

amespace-attach-module: a different module with the same name is already in the 
destination namespace
;   module name: "/Applications/Racket v6.10/collects/racket/pretty.rkt"

None of my code refers to pretty.rkt.

I think I will simply give up at this point. Compared to depending on
complex stuff that I don't understand, nor want to understand, a
separate testing shell script seems like the lesser evil.

Thanks again,

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