On September 22nd at 3:30pm Eastern time, please join us for the
seventh Inside Racket Seminar where Alexis King will give us a
walk-through of the Hackett programming language implementation.

As before, it will be on Google Hangouts on Air with Alexis walking
through the code and giving an explanation of how it all hooks
together. This is not a tutorial on Racket or on the library, but a
kind of oral history and explanation of the software and how it works.
Our hope is that this will increase the ability of others to build and
maintain similar software as we share this kind of expertise in a way
that doesn't fit our existing distribution mechanisms (research
papers, RacketCon talks, documentation, etc.)

Link to the stream:

I hope that you are able to attend and send your own questions as we go through.

I have linked some related reading on the Wiki page:


Please feel free to send questions beforehand, on this thread or to me
personally. We will archive the video for later viewing, etc.

As it turns out, Alexis will also be speaking at RacketCon this year
in a shorter form, so you may consider this a kind of preview for what
is to come there. Check out the rest of the speakers and find
registrations details here:


See you all soon!

-=[     Jay McCarthy               http://jeapostrophe.github.io    ]=-
-=[ Associate Professor        PLT @ CS @ UMass Lowell     ]=-
-=[ Moses 1:33: And worlds without number have I created; ]=-

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