(For some reason the mail I sent to users<at>racket-lang.org last week never 
made it to the Google Group, so I'm posting directly...)


I'm a 2nd year PhD student working with Shriram Krishnamurthi on improving 
Redex's testing/checking performance and capabilities.

I was looking to use LambdaJS (http://cs.brown.edu/research/plt/dl/jssem/v1/) 
as a case study, but unfortunately jscore.ss does not compile under the latest 
version of Redex.

The shortcut used in the eval reduction relation
   [(--> (σ (in-hole E e_1)) (σ (in-hole E e_2)))
    (==> e_1 e_2)]))
now throws an error "reduction-relation: shortcut name may not be a 
non-terminal in: e_1."

I believe this was caused by the following change 
(https://github.com/racket/redex/blob/master/redex-lib/redex/HISTORY.txt) in 
Redex v6.4:

changed shortcuts in --> so that non-terminals are no
longer allowed for the names in the shortcut "parameters"
These shortcut names were never constrained to actually be
non-terminals, so this change is intended entirely to be
able to give a helpful error message in an attempt to avoid

As a Redex novice, I'm failing to avoid confusion in this case. Any advice on a 
simple way to change the shortcut / reduction relation to respect this change 
in Redex is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

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