Hi HiPhish,

This seems like a very cool project! As a long-time vanilla vim user, I'll have
to try neovim and the bindings out.

On 2017-09-11 13:20:11 -0000, hiph...@openmailbox.org wrote:
> - Why is the documentation not building? I can compile the scribble file
>   normally, but running `raco setup` does not build it, and it doesn't
>   show up on https://docs.racket-lang.org/ either.
> - The directory layout is weird. The reason for this is that the repo is
>   both a Racket package, and a Neovim plugin and has to be installed as
>   both. This works fine, but now Racket seems to think that there is
>   also an "autoload", "doc", "plugin" and "test" collection. Is there a
>   way to tell Racket "only the nvim directory is a collection"?

These two problems are related AFAICT. Currently your package is set up
as a multicollection package but the info.rkt file is only in the top-level
directory, whereas it should go in the subdirectories. I suspect you don't
actually want a multicollection package in this case.

What you may actually want to do is put the info.rkt file in only the "nvim"
directory and then change the package URL on the package server to point only
to the subdirectory.

(there is a "Path within repository" input on the package upload/edit page)

And then modify the `info.rkt` appropriately (e.g., by removing the multi
setting, changing the path to the docs). You may also want to move the .scrbl
file into the nvim directory.


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