> These two problems are related AFAICT. Currently your package is set up
> as a multicollection package but the info.rkt file is only in the top-level
> directory, whereas it should go in the subdirectories. I suspect you don't
> actually want a multicollection package in this case.
Yes, you're right, I only want one collection in the package. Or rather one
collection and a bunch of other files.
> What you may actually want to do is put the info.rkt file in only the "nvim"
> directory and then change the package URL on the package server to point only
> to the subdirectory.
Won't this mean that raco then only installs the sub-directory? The
issue is that there are two components needed: the API client (a Racket
library) and the Racket host (a Neovim plugin). The Right Way(TM) is to
have one repository that doubles as both.

I guess what I could do is tell people to install the repo as a Neovim
plugin first, and then as a Racket package second, thus having two
copies of the repo on the website. That's what the Common Lisp client
Since in Quicklisp everything is explicit there is no danger that the
Vim plugin directories will get mistaken for Common Lisp libraries.

> This seems like a very cool project! As a long-time vanilla vim user, I'll 
> have
> to try neovim and the bindings out.
I found out about Neovim by chance when I was looking for a way to have
a terminal running inside Vim, all I got was barely working hacks and
then out of nowhere this thing popped up. I haven't looked back at Vim
since then. And I was really considering switching to Emacs with Evil
Mode because of Vim's lack of non-blocking plugins.

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