I'm interested to learn and use Racket for desktop apps and after reading about
the plan to use Chez Scheme as Racket's VM I wonder what are the implications
of this step for the end users?

By looking at this https://ecraven.github.io/r7rs-benchmarks/ benchmark it's
clear that Chez Scheme is very fast, if not the fastest Scheme implementation.
Now I wonder if Racket-on-Chez does mean that Racket's performance will improve
and/or one will be able to take advantage of Chez's feature to produce
stand-alone executables?

Does Racket-on-Chez mean one will get the best of both worlds, iow. have Chez's
performance, exectuables, multiple threads support etc. while still enjoying
Racket's ecosystem - package manager, batteries-included, programming
environment, excellent docs etc.

All these could make Racket even more attractive as 'geneal purpose programming

Otoh, I see that mflatt does contribute a lot to the Chez...


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